Fast Trainers

How it works

How do you know if a player you acquired from transfers is a fast trainer?

This project was created to make it easier for you to find players who are training faster. Υou just need to enter the data in each form and it will calculate your average. Read more about the process by reading the following simple instructions.

Step 1

Get a player from Auctions at transfers and add to him a new special ability.involved in the game to follow the follow page.

Step 2

To start the test, you will need to use three exercises. For the best result we have to find the exercise with the lowest average, because the lower the average of an exercise, the more points the player gets. The exercises are: Gym, Sprint and Fast counter-attacs.

Step 3

From each exercise, we enter the following player statistics and when we find the exercise with the lowest average we start the test:

    1. Gym: Health, Strength
    2. Sprint: Health, Speed, Dribbling
    3. Fast counter-attacs: Passing, Crossing, Finishing, Creativity

Step 4

Now select the player and start the training with the exercise for which you found the lowest average.

What to do next?

The first workout is very important. If he gives us 1 and not 2 points, then our player is not fast first class.

  • Slow: 1112/1212/1121 (We are selling him)
  • Moderate: 12222 (We keep it if we do not find diamonds
  • Diamond: 2222/2223 (We found a diamond! We keep it 100% and we start the training)